• Create a Passionate, Playful Love Relationship. I'll show you how.

    Whether as a speaker or writer, teaching meditation or giving advice on TV, psychologist and sex therapist Dr. Cheryl Fraser is the go-to modern guru of Mindful Loving. “In essence, to create passionate relationships we must become passion, cultivating the peace and playfulness within each moment.”

  • Never "In the Mood?" Mindful Loving teaches you to get the Thrill back...and keep it.

    “Dr. Cheryl Fraser infuses her mindfulness and love advice with humour, passion, and compassion. She is honest, straight-forward, and frankly, fearless in her approach to addressing the challenges that arise between couples, from the mundane to the erotic.” Barry Boyce Editor in Chief, Mindful Magazine

  • Make your Spouse this Happy to see You when You get home!

    “Dr. Cheryl Fraser’s superpower is taking incredibly complex subjects and making them simple, memorable and funny. She uses humour, truth and stories to help you examine your life, your mind, and your relationships and change the narratives that are no longer working.”

    Edward Readicker-Henderson Author, Contributing Editor National Geographic Travel and Islands Magazine